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Pumps Name Institution Pumps Introduction The pump is rotodynamic and is made up of an impeller whose rotation effects cause increased fluid pressure in the pipe system (Addison, 2011). These pumps are mainly usually used to propagate fluids in a piping system at high pressure.


Identify typical applications stating the advantages and disadvantages for each of the following pump types: i. Single stage horizontal vertical split centrifugal This is a horizontal, single-stage, double volute axially split case centrifugal pump. The suction nozzle and the discharge nozzle which are cast intergrally and the nozzle is configured side by side. APPLICATIONS The single stage horizontal split centrifugal pump is used for different purpoases in different fileds, some of which are: i. The single stage horizontal split centrifugal pumps are broadly used in the fire systems. ii. They are used to a greater extent in oil refining. iii. Petrochemical. iv. Sugar Industry water supply system. v. Paper Industry water supply system. vi. They are used in pipelines for long distance pumping of fluids. vii. Power Generation. viii. They can be used in cycling use of water in air-conditioning ix. They are used in mining industry. x. They are also used in pressurized water transportation in the waterworks. ADVANTAGES The single stage horizontal split centrifugal pumps have the following distinct advantages: i. Horizontally split casing, double volute minimizes thrust loads and therefore allow for operation over a wide range of capacities. ii. ...
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