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There are six milestones: Materials (90 days) Construction work (2.5 years) Construction/ handicraft work (21/2years) Installation work (23/4 years) Restoration/clean-up of project site (After 3 years) Other work (After 3 years) Article 3 Sub article 3.5 6. What is the amount of liquidated damages for each day that each milestone is late? 0.5 % of the total contract for each day Article 6 Sub-article 6.7 7. Does the government have the right to occupy a completed part of the work? No 8. How long does the contractor have to perform the entire project? 1095 days from day of signing of contract Article 3 Sub-article 3.1 9. How many bid items are there? Six Article 1: Subject of the Contract 10. How often can the contractor expect to receive progress payments? -20 (twenty) % of contracted value within 1 (one) day of signing contract - 30 (thirty) % of contracted value upon 50 (fifty)% of contracted works - 40 (forty) % of contracted value after handing over of object. -10 (ten) % of contracted value three months after handing over of object Article 4: Payment Schedule Sub-article 2 11. Reproduce the clause pertaining to suspension of work? This Contract may be suspended by MERCY CORPS based on poor, or non-performance or unnecessary delays, by the Contractor. Article 11 Sub-Article 2 12. Reproduce the clause dealing with variations in work quantities. ...
From the date the works start to the date they are finally accepted by MERCY CORPS, the Contractor shall be personally liable for personal

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Contract Law
The following research will explain the basic requirements of a valid contract. The requirements of a valid contract are that there must be an offer, an acceptance of the offer and consideration, which means that there is either a promise for a promise in a bilateral contract or a promise for performance in a unilateral contract.
10 pages (2500 words) Assignment
Contract Law
Contract Law A contract always intends to legalize an agreement between the parties involved regarding the matter in question. Contracts involve many issues such as sale of property, settlement of disputes, and service performance among others. Therefore, a contract is enforceable on condition that it crystallizes the essential elements that the law requires that in manifests (Elliott & Quinn 2011).
13 pages (3250 words) Assignment
Contract law
37, 000 which was to be paid at an interest over the next three years. The Plaintiff had a relative- Mr. Zute who was ill and he made the Plaintiff to believe that upon his death he would inherit his entire Montgomerry Estate. However in order to inherit, the Plaintiff had to ensure that he only had assets worth less than ?
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Elements of a Contract
It will discuss when a non-compete agreement is enforceable. Offer An offer is a statement or an expression that a person is prepared to get into a contract with another under given terms. The offer is supposed to be stated in a way that is capable of inviting acceptance without having any more requirements to the recipient other than for them to accept it (Koffman & Macdonald, 2007).
4 pages (1000 words) Assignment
Law of Contract
All agreements are not necessarily enforceable by law, e.g. an agreement to build a house is a contract enforceable by law. However, an agreement to go out for a party being of a social nature is not enforceable. It can thus be concluded while all agreements may not be contracts, all contracts are definitely agreements.
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Health Contract
Everything becomes handy and easy. We all just wait for the growing of our tummies and the bulging of our flabby bodies. The goal of this essay is mainly to portray how we can continue to savor comfort by not forgetting the basic of exercise that is to maintain a healthy body, and a healthy life.
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Construction contract
However, there is a recent increase in use of the New Engineering Construction (NEC) contract in the UK and the Australian countries.NEC has now come to be known as an acceptable substitute for FIDIC. Conditions of contract of NEC were developed by the UK institution
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Contract Creation and Management
The project encountered serious issues that could lead to breach of contract. Legal issues presented in the simulation include claims and counter claims which concern delivery schedule slips, quality of deliverables and major bugs
5 pages (1250 words) Assignment
CISG Contract , Goodscan Contract Fact Pattern
According to Ramberg (4), an offer is considered effective after reaching the offeree. This is in accordance with Article 15, which also says that the offer can be withdrawn
6 pages (1500 words) Assignment
Contract law
That initial intention is lawful and is also ascertained. This intent is normally determined solely from the terms of the contract
2 pages (500 words) Assignment
injuries, cases of death, or any loss or damage to property and surrounding facilities. The contractor shall indemnify and hold harmless MERCY CORPS, and all MERCY CORPS employees. The Contractor is held responsible for safety of all activities at the construction site. Article 12 Sub-Article 1 14. Reproduce the clause pertaining to changes in the work? Unforeseen works may not be carried out without prior written approval from the MERCY CORPS. Unforeseen works are works that were not included in the contract that are either necessary for the continuation of the works and/or essential to insure the proper results/function of the works on the contracted location. Article 7 15. Reproduce the clause pertaining to default terminations and excusable delay? If the Contractor does not honor the contracted deadline for completion of all works, penalties will be implemented by reducing the final payment 0.5% of the total value, for each day over completion date, beginning on the first day of default as determined by MERCY CORPS Program Manager. Article 11 Sub Article 1 16. . Reproduce clause for termination of the contract for the convenience of the owner? This Contract may be terminated at any time by a mutual agreement from both parties, effective immediately upon receipt of written notification. This Contract may be terminated by MERCY CORPS based on poor, or non-performance, by the Contractor Article 11 Sub-Article 1,2 and 3 17. Reproduce clause concerning contract disputes? MERCY CORPS and the Contractor hereby agree to seek informal resolutions to any possible disagreements before pursuing legal remedies. In the event of such


S/No. Question Answer Article from text to support Answer 1. What is the date and time of bid opening On the 12th Day of December 2012 On the Title :Date: 12/8/2012 2. What is the penal sum of the required performance bond? 100% of the total contract Article 6 Sub-article 4 3…
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