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S/No. Question Answer Article from text to support Answer 1. What is the date and time of bid opening On the 12th Day of December 2012 On the Title :Date: 12/8/2012 2. What is the penal sum of the required performance bond? 100% of the total contract Article 6 Sub-article 4 3.


There are six milestones: Materials (90 days) Construction work (2.5 years) Construction/ handicraft work (21/2years) Installation work (23/4 years) Restoration/clean-up of project site (After 3 years) Other work (After 3 years) Article 3 Sub article 3.5 6. What is the amount of liquidated damages for each day that each milestone is late? 0.5 % of the total contract for each day Article 6 Sub-article 6.7 7. Does the government have the right to occupy a completed part of the work? No 8. How long does the contractor have to perform the entire project? 1095 days from day of signing of contract Article 3 Sub-article 3.1 9. How many bid items are there? Six Article 1: Subject of the Contract 10. How often can the contractor expect to receive progress payments? -20 (twenty) % of contracted value within 1 (one) day of signing contract - 30 (thirty) % of contracted value upon 50 (fifty)% of contracted works - 40 (forty) % of contracted value after handing over of object. -10 (ten) % of contracted value three months after handing over of object Article 4: Payment Schedule Sub-article 2 11. Reproduce the clause pertaining to suspension of work? This Contract may be suspended by MERCY CORPS based on poor, or non-performance or unnecessary delays, by the Contractor. Article 11 Sub-Article 2 12. Reproduce the clause dealing with variations in work quantities. ...
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