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Similarly, sometimes electricians forget to apply security measures while doing electric installations in new buildings and suffer deadly electric shocks. Such risks make construction related occupations dangerous and somewhat unsafe. Let us now describe some common occupations in order to know the difference between the levels of danger or risks associated with those occupations and construction related occupations. Occupations Dangerous Than Construction Some of the occupations that are more dangerous than construction related occupations include criminal justice system related occupations, fishing, firefighting, farming, and aircraft pilot. Occupations Less Dangerous Than Construction Some of the occupations that are less dangerous than construction related occupations include information technology related occupations, writing occupations, artistic occupations, and nursing occupations. Why Difference Exists Personal safety is the biggest factor that makes some occupations more dangerous and some occupations less dangerous than building trades. Criminal justice related occupations, fishing, firefighting, farming, and aircraft pilots are such occupations which involve a high personal safety risk factor. ...
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[Your full name] [Instructor’s full name] May 15, 2012 OSHA There are many types of occupations from which a person selects one particular occupation to earn his/her living. Some occupations are dangerous from the perspective of heath, whereas some are less dangerous and are considered safe…
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