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Assignment example - multi axis milling machine

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Engineering and Construction
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Multi axis milling machine Name Institution Multi axing machining is the process of using computer aided programs to control or move particular tools in metal works. This could be through milling out unwanted parts to achieve desired shapes or structures. The process employs either water jet or laser cutting techniques…

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This discourse compares two multi axis milling machines for the correct selection. There are several considerations made before purchasing any machinery, whether meant for domestic or industrial applications (Anderson, 2008). The majority of people like going with companies or manufactures with good reputations or brand names. It is assumed that good companies are likely to produce quality products to maintain their top positions in the market. One is likely to go for cheaper machinery to cut on expenditure hence increased revenue. However, it is important to apply some economic principles before settling on particular cost (Bradley, 2005). A machine might have cheaper buying price but high installation or maintenance cost. Durability and the ability to handle large volume of work is vital in multi axis milling machines among other industrial machinery. I will consider two multi axis milling machines from two different manufactures before advising the relevant authority on the best. It is also important to procure machinery associated with advanced technologies to meet the customers’ demand. CNC Express TM Milling Machine CNC Express TM Milling Machine is one of the best current multi axis milling machines in the market. It is considered fast with 150 revolutions per minute, hence suitable for the modern cutting designs. ...
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