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Bentonite Processing

Drying operation reduces the moisture content in bentonite rock to the required percentage. Different driers can be used in the moisture reduction. Drying effectively vaporizes the liquid level contain in the rocks. The vaporization is achieved through heat supply to the wet bentonite rock feedstock. The heat from the burner is supplied either through convention, radiation or conduction. The convection method is applied when direct driers are used while conduction method is applied when contact or indirect dryers are used. Most of the driers use hot air as the drying medium. This moisture removal process is an energy-intensive operation since the amount of latent heat of vaporization required is depended on the intensity of the heating (Gillson & Bances,  87).Drying curve              A representation curve is required so as to describe the various drying properties for different product at different specific temperature, pressure and velocity conditions. The drying curve for bentonite rock has three different phases. These phases are useful in the energy saving process and are independent. The products are passed through these phases in shifts. After passing from one phase, the product is moved to the next phase.First phase  This phase is also called initial period. In this phase, there is transfer of heat from the dryer to the products and the contained moisture. Inlet condition from the dryer heats up the products and this condition further enable subsequent processes to occur. This phase can be substituted by pre-processing. ...
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In the paper “Bentonite Processing” the author analyzes the process of creating an industrial rock that occurs naturally. This rock has the water absorbing property as well as Base Exchange capacity. These two properties are far much better than the properties possessed by kaolin and plastic clay.


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