Abandoned Vehicle Problem Assignment example
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The problem of abandoned vehicles has plagued the developed countries of Asia and Europe for decades, with analysts and policymakers seeking to formulate appropriate and applicable solutions to combat the issue


This research paper explores statistical information and data to provide an overview of the situation by focusing on the information gathered from various cities across the Kingdom. Proposed recommendations provided in the research focus on the placement of environmental regulations, Environmental Management Systems (EMS), government policies and vehicle recycling systems to garner desired results. Furthermore, the negative effects of abandoned vehicles are also discussed and the environmental and economic sustainability of proposed recommendations is examined to draw appropriate conclusions. Introduction The issue of abandoned vehicles that are often left by their owners on a plethora of public sites has been a cause of major concern for law enforcement agencies and city administrations across the globe. This problem is most prevalent and its environmental, economic and social impact most visible in numerous developed nations. Much of the abandoned vehicles do not carry any sources of identification thereby, making it an impossible task for concerned authorities to trace back their owners. ...
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