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The problem of abandoned vehicles has plagued the developed countries of Asia and Europe for decades, with analysts and policymakers seeking to formulate appropriate and applicable solutions to combat the issue.


It has been found that countries such as New Zealand have in place a well-thought procedure to deal with abandoned vehicles, based on the method of categorisation. It is observed that these vehicles can bring about certain uncalled-for social or community concerns such as fire in these vehicles, leakage of hazardous liquids from the vehicles and the use of such vehicles for certain criminal activities among others. Therefore, Saudi Arabia, which can be termed as one of emerging nations, needs to upgrade its existing mechanism to deal with the abandoned vehicles related problem which can facilitate not only social well-being but environmental protection as well. Table of Contents Summary 2 Introduction 4 Policies and Practices of New Zealand Government on Removing Abandoned Vehicles 5 Video Related to the Issue 6 The Risk of Abandoned Vehicles Problem 7 Comparison of the Process of New Zealand and KSA for Dealing with Abandoned Vehicles 9 Conclusion 12 References 13 Introduction In relation to the rapid pace of globalisation, it has been apparent that the nations often face different challenges in terms of protecting their environmental position. From the observation of different cases, it has been found that the continuously increasing number of abandoned vehicles is creating a major and prominent issue for the countries to protect their environmental effectiveness. ...
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