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he issue of abandoned vehicles has caused some troubles in the past few years throughout the world. Even the developed countries like America, China and other European countries face this problem and it is increasing in intensity with every passing day


The situation is much worse in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Many countries, like New Zealand and European Union, have succeeded in getting rid of the problems of abandoned vehicles; however, Saudi Arabia is still caught in its strong clutches. This research paper throws light on the status of current industrial activities in Saudi Arabia by comparing it with the best current status of recycling in New Zealand. Moreover, the evaluation of the recycling industries currently working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia indicates that they are progressing very rapidly, Seder Environment for instance. Possible solutions and suggestions are given at the end in order to combat the environmental threats posed by the disproportionate abandoning of vehicles in the country. Additionally, the suggestions include massive awareness programs, implementation of the proper government laws and policies enforced by Law enforcement and other local authorities, improvement in the vehicle recycling industries and advanced research in this particular field. The health of human beings is the most important thing that needs to be taken care of in this modern era. Hence, in order to prevent further spreading of fatal diseases produced as a result of unsafe abandonment and limited recycling activities, the problems mentioned in the paper need to addressed as soon as possible. ...
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