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English Language in Puerto Rico

Due to the fact that Puerto Rico was once a colony of Spain, it is evident that these people has Spanish tongue in which they prefer to use such a language even though the island is somewhat under United States- their currency, form of government and even military security is from US (www.isreview.org)1
The question now rises, why is it that Puerto Ricans are not found of using the English language On the second note, despite the fact that English is their second language, why is it that there are only few that uses English as their language In this case, there are struggles involving trade, oneness and understanding between Puerto Ricans and English-speaking nations. There are a lot of accounts which "English has long been viewed on the island as both a tool of liberation and an instrument of oppression. Children are told from the earliest grades that English will be vital for their educational and professional advancement, while they are also cautioned that learning it too well may endanger their Puerto Rican identity (Pousada 1999)2".
Torruellas (1990)3 studied three private schools, which is deemed as cradle of English teaching, found out that the level of mastery of English may vary on the social rank of the clientele of the particular private school. ...
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For years, the difficulty of Puerto Ricans in utilizing and propagating English as a medium of language is somewhat evident up to present age. In different prestigious global pageant, Puerto Ricans including those that are in Latin American countries are found of using interpreters during question and answer portions…
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