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super size me - Movie Review Example

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Movie Review
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In this intriguing, educative and full of humor movie, Spurlock sets a side a period of thirty days in which he decides to eat the food from…

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super size me

This film earned Morgan Spurlock the best director award in 2004 appreciating his personal investigation and contribution into issues associated with health hazards caused by fast foods. In the 30 days in which Spurlock subjects himself to a steady diet, his normal equilibrium and fit body undergo ugly and dark changes; his cholesterol increases dramatically, grows so fat, his organs develop beatings, and his days are characterized by mood swings, headaches, narrowed sexual energy, and addiction symptoms. The outcome of the film is a too obvious gimmick that cannot sustain any documentary features. This, Spurlock achieves by spending most parts of the film probing on subtle means that the fast food industry has wormed its way into the young children hearts and school lunchrooms. Making himself the subject of the documentary he was covering, Spurlock targets the commercial food industry as his main subject. The outcome of those 30 days was a sure proof of the mental and physical effects of easting fast food. The film also targets the American’s food culture through its politics and school corporation. The movie “Super Size Me” shades a different kind of light on obesity which has proved to be American’s biggest health issues (Super Size Me).
The liberty value is what most American citizens value the most. They fight for the freedom of speech and freedom to work and be successful in life. However, this liberty value also involves the freedom to ruin their lives. This view is individualistic; it leaves the responsibility of each citizen’s prosperity on their heads. The worst that comes out of this situation is that it leads to a society that is selfish in which every man’s state is of no significance. This remains a critical issue to the nation as its citizens are intelligent and have a good sense in doing the right things for themselves and to those around them. This is however not the case, people have ...
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