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Cradle Will Rock

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Also it focuses on the left-leaning trends among many intellectuals, working class people as well as the bourgeois class’s headache with the increasing socialist trend in the socioeconomic background of the Great depression. Robin’s success lies in the fact that he has been able to tie up the working class’s disparaging sentiments against the bourgeois class’s exploitation of cheap labor with its reflections in popular arts. The story of the movie primarily revolves around the abortive production of a leftist musical, “The Cradle Will Rock” which was subsequently banned by the House Committee on Un-American Activities, after the WPA cut the musical’s budget.

Secrets of the Wild Child

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At the time of discovery, the girl had virtually no human contact and as a result, she had no beneficial tactile interaction. In this position, she had no semblance to the normal human life. For example, she was underdeveloped, lacked communication, had many unusual behaviors and could barely work.


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Professor Name Subject Date Evaluative essay Thesis I argue that Tangled is a good movie. It covers a lot of genres which are Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Musical and Family. It contains a number of memorable tracks and has also received a National Movie Awards in the category of animation.

film review about mental illness

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The movie showed the coping strategies of an autistic person when he is forced into doing something he does not like. This was shown in the scene where Charlie, Raymond’s brother was forcing Raymond to ride an airplane which Raymond has a fear of. He responds by mindlessly screaming in the airport amidst the crowd.

Movie Review of 2 Dance Sequences from “Chicago”

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The sequence starts with the water from the tap dripping in a specific rhythm, followed by the cadence of the guards footsteps, then the cutaway to the face or Roxie, afraid and uncertain as the begging bars of the the song begin to stream in.

Leadership Styles Movie Analysis

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This paper reviews the leadership styles employed in two movies: “Remember the Titans” and “Miracle”. Remember the Titans Without a question mark, the title of this movie remains an instruction and not an inquest. Dealing with the subject of racial integration in a high school football team during the American 1970s, it is clearly meant as a caveat.

Orgnaizational behavior "Hotel Monaco".

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The essay aims to address and respond to the question: how does the Hotel Monaco meet the four factors of the MARS model to enhance employee success and service quality?


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The boys wish was granted and he became an instant adult. This movie shall talk about adolescence, the painful process of growing-up, adolescent development and behavior, and the role and support of the family during this crisis. Keywords: adolescence, adolescent development, adolescent behavior, family relationships, crisis.

Teenage Love in "The Notebook"

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The society presents events that warrant attention to be identified by its vital members. There are situations that individuals are forced to face on the verge of adapting to these presentations. The most significant societal members predict the development of moral values in the teenagers.

Masculinity in Film

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No two films better address the diverse aspects of the manhood controversy than American Beauty and Fight Club. These two films tackle the issue of masculinity in a brutally truthful way. Problems confronting the middle age man in America, aspects of homophobia and inadequacy about a man's ability to measure up to societal expectations are key themes in these films.

Film "Crash"

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Most of the characters depicted in the film are racially prejudiced in some way and become involved in conflicts which force them to examine their own prejudices. Through these characters' interactions, the film attempts to depict and examine not only racial tension but the distance between strangers in America

Film "Lost in Translation"

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Edward Said’s notion of ‘Orientalism’ is most relevant in the context of the Oscar-winning film Lost in Translation (2003), written and directed by Sofia Coppola, and this concept is most useful in understanding the Japanese culture in the film.

Elements of Feminism in Erin Brockovich

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It simply states that men and women should have rights and opportunities. Therefore it can be assumed that an ideal feminist situation in the workplace is one where a man and a woman are considered equal and neither one have an advantage that the other cannot match.

film essay

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In the 1950s, government, companies, including the mass media, have developed mechanisms for a social and economic order that persuaded and passively force people to spend more on purchasing goods and services. This order is called consumerism, which would ensure the revenues of companies as well as the governments in the form of tax.

Analysis "City of God" Movie

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However, the story depicted in City of God is based on real-life events, typifying the intensification of organized crime in the slum town of Cidade de Deus in Rio de Janeiro between the 1960s and 1980s. The film’s tagline is the beast is bound to catch one if he or she stays and eat the individual if he or she chooses to stay.

Review of the Film "Immortal Beloved"

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In particular, it concerns the mystery behind the true identity of the “Unsterbliche Gelliebte” or the Immortal Beloved. Three letters that were found in the private files of the renowned singer were addressed to this Immortal Beloved.

Good Deeds by Tyler Perry

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They depict a happy family with Natalie looking at her husband and admiring his latest achievements in business, beating competition from upcoming businesses. On his way to work, Wesley heads first to pick his brother Walter (Brian White), who cannot drive because his license had just been confiscated by the authorities.

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The film is critical of the unethical way in which media presents violence and sex to the teenager on a platter so as to make maximum profits out of it but all the same, forgetting what long-term impact it could have on the kids. The narrator in the movie also observes that for the youth of his generation, cool was about expressing oneself while for the present generation, the market leaders have made it so that cool is all about consumption and nothing else.

2 Million Minutes

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Taking examples of students from three major competing nations ought to become superpowers- America, India and China, the film addresses issues of schooling, establishing balance between education and extra-curricular activities and overall power of these nations in supplying innovative and intelligent minds (Harvard Educational Review 2011).

The Hunt for Red October

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The very character in the movie The Hunt for Red October is Jack Ryan. Ryan happens to be a very intelligent person who is confident that he knows the secret behind the renegade Soviet skipper’s attempt to escape with the submarine. Ramius is the skipper and is respected the most in the Soviet underwater navy.

Transformational Leadership

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They seek to understand the needs and challenges of the members of the group under their watch and help them develop a focused and comprehensive approach for facing a challenge (Brower & Balch, 2005). In the Woodstock festival, there seems to be a mixed category of leaders with different types of leadership.

Bridge on River Kwai

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In the beginning of the film, there are already Prisoners Of War (POW) digging and it was not clear why and it was for. So we have to assume that it must be their own graves, their comrades or for whatever use. Also, we have to assume that the Americans and Britons were defeated in some battle that is why they were held captive by the Japanese forces under the command of Colonel Saito.

movie comment ...

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Ironically, each character in a film is a personification or “type” incorporating generalities of a larger pool of people. John was too perfect; Tillie represented the maternal nature of the black culture; Joey was all heart and emotion, but scattered; the two fathers wanted to maintain control over their children and feared the future problems of a mixed race marriage; both mothers wanted their children’s happiness (emotional).

movie review

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One effect of this technique is not the dark noir undertones, but demonstrates the cloistered aspects Miss Daisy’s life. The lighting seems to indicate that this is an individual whose life will soon end. Another aesthetic effect of these focus and lighting techniques is that it casts story aspects as a sort of memory that is remembered or relayed in reverse.

compare and contrast Frankenstein movie vs book

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The prime aim of the movie maker is to fit the story in his scheme of things as per time and situational demands. Commercial angle also plays the dominant role. The alterations made are to be understood in this context. It is not an easy task to convey the imaginative descriptions and profound messages of the author of the book, as screen version has its own limitations.
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