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Bulling in NYC School

This essay approves that researchers have not agreed on the actual definition of bullying. There are definitions which have been in use and are worthy of quote here.
Bullying is defined in a number of ways. Experts believe that there has been no clear definition of the term bullying. Bullying is also known as peer victimization and peer harassment. It is an intentional act of harming somebody by means of verbal, physical, sexual assault, or other forms of harassment. Bullying at school is believed a universal social malady. In many instances, bullies are stronger and more powerful than their victims, and the situation has the tendency to be repetitive. The study of bullying involves studies of children’s temperament. Bullying is peer abuse because it involves people in the same setting, students in the same school, or people who should have considered themselves companions with the same purpose and that is learning.
This report makes a conclusion that that bullying is a “social sickness” that needs to be cured. And it is getting serious every day. It’s time authorities and the many stakeholders concerned with the welfare of the young to bond together and find effective means to heal this social malady. The young are victimized. Parents feel that their children are not anymore secured inside the school, a place where they ought to experience positive and moral values and learn good things in life. But it seems, schools are not anymore safe for the young. ...
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This study is important to local authorities and schools administrators who are finding ways to stop this social malady, to the students who are victims, and to parents who thought that their children are safe in school but, as a consequence of this continuing social malady, are worried of the security of their children…
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