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William has always been in love with animals and hence the reason he has pets of his own. As a child, he told me in the interview, he used to have pets. He had cats as well as dogs at his place since childhood. One of the special pets that he can recall of was a Persian cat named Jamie that he adored a lot. Some of the first jobs that he had was of a copywriter at an advertising agency. He made about US$200 on that job which started off at 9 in the morning and ended at 5pm, five days a week. In the past, he enjoyed his free time watching old comedies but now he is more interested in sci-fi movies that are a norm within young adults. As far as his admiration for famous personalities is concerned, William has long cherished the fact that he is a true Nelson Mandela fan. According to him, the aspects that make him admirable include Late Mandela’s will and determination to defy the odds that came his way.
Once he did something scary which neither his parents nor siblings had an inkling about. It was when he jumped off the first floor at night to go out with his friends at the young age of 12 years. The thing that he likes about his life today is that he is loved by people who are near and dear to him and he can enjoy their company at all times.Lastly, his strongest attitude is to communicate with people at will and his weakest remains his inability to meet timelines and deadlines. ...
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In the paper “Interview Essay” the author conducts interview with a 23 year old guy has always been in love with animals and hence the reason he has pets of his own. The thing that he likes about his life is that he is loved by people who are near and dear to him and he can enjoy their company…
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