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Research Paper example - Should College Athletes Get Paid?

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Should College Athletes Get Paid? Introduction Truly, the debate on whether college students should get paid has been ongoing for a very long time. Both sides of the arguments present many reasons why college athletes should get paid or not. However, the debate seems to become more contested with time since college games and athletics have increasingly attracted income from promoters, sponsors, and advertisers…

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This paper seeks to discuss the issue of paying college athletes. This paper supports that college athletes should actually be paid. One of the most compelling arguments in favor of paying athletes is that college athletics has with time, become a money generating business. College athletics began as a form of exercise and competition for colleges. It was just like any other school event. Students used to hold internal or inter college athletics competitions. However, most of these formalities have changed and business has entered into college athletics. For instance, most of college athletics have attracted advertisers and promoters. It is common to find college athletics being aired on TV (Burget web). Whereas this offers entertainment for the viewers, airing and advertising through college athletics generates a lot of money. Since the athletes are the primary source of the money, they should then be paid. Although proponents argue that athletes usually get paid in form of scholarships, this is not enough compared to what is made through college sports (Alwoods web). It is undeniable that most of the college athletes are actually qualified as their counterparts in professional athletics. This is more evident in colleges that offer college athletics as one of the courses. ...
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