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Advertisement analysis

SO they need better brain even as they grow older.
The cover page of the Bulletins is divided into different parts. There are two plates both full of vegetable, and of different colour. The first plate has orange vegetables while the second one has green vegetable. The rest of the ad is painted in a bright yellow colour. The ad is planned for women. They are the one who prepares food in the family, and if they do not prepare they decide what diet is included in a meal. Women care for their husband and would want to see them getting stronger even as they get old. The picture is arranged in an appealing posture. It has large images of vegetables and fruits more than the writing space. This makes the picture appealing to women, and it purposely designed for them because they like beautiful things.
The ad has writing on the bottom left and top right side of the Bulletins cover. The Bulletins cover has some writing written in bold and with larger letter than others. For example, ‘SMARTER BRAIN FOOD’ is written in bold signifying that the vegetable and fruits are meant to nourish the brains (Benoist). The rest of the text talks of the benefit of oranges and green vegetable to men at their late years. Moreover, the test explains the nutrients that are comprised in these foods. It helps catch the mind of a buyer by quickly getting the pertinent information on the front page of the Bulletins.
The ad also emphasis on the fundamental of colour and he paint the cover with yellow, green and red which resemble majority of fruits and vegetable that are there in farms and in the market. On the top right corner, the ad has inscriptions ‘keep your brain young with orange and green fruits and vegetables’ (Benoist) The author knows the valuable of being young and thus wants to appeals the bulletin to all people that need to look younger than ...
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The advertisement pictures for the cover of March 2014 Bulletins serve to sell the Bulletins as well advocate consumption of more fruits and vegetables. The ad is advertising fruits and vegetables to male gender. Women are always conscious of their diet and take time collecting…
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