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rhetorical analysis of malala Yousafzai's speech to the UN

The young child demonstrates incredible public speaking skills which enable her emotive message come through effectively. Her audience is people who value education and respect for human rights. At the start of her speech, she says that she is wearing the shawl of Benazir Bhutto. Benazir was a Pakistan leader who spent all her life fighting for education. Malala creates a connection with famous leaders and immediately buys the attention of the listeners. Her audiences, who most likely are in support of her ideas, have the knowledge about Benazir and hence it is strategic to mention her at the beginning of her speech. By associating with famous people who have spoken in such a platform before, she manages to command attention. She makes an impression of having knowledge of what she is about to speak about.
As she continues giving her speech, she mentions famous leaders such as martin Luther, Mohammed Jinna and Nelson Mandela, who are known for their compassion. Although she is a Muslim, she says that her ideas are based on the mercy that both Jesus and Mohammed showed to the people. By mentioning this, she proves to represent children of all religions and hence is able to connect with her audience who may be of different faiths. Although she has been through brutality of people who don’t value education, she says that she has already forgiven those who did that to her. This brings out her humility, and it makes her speech more emotional.
She says that they are many other people, who have gone through her situation, and some have died and others injured. By saying this, she manages to show that she is here to represent all the people who have gone through her situation. It also reveals that the issue affects many people, and it deserves much more attention. She says, “I am just one of them. So here I stand, one girl amongst many.” (United Nations, ...
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The cultures of their people do not allow girls to go to school. She defied the culture and went to school and due to this; she was shot on the head. The incidence…
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