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The idea of humanism in Chinese religion roots from the Sinjiao. Sinjiao has certain common factors critical among them humanism. Humanism thus becomes very…

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In this regard, the concept of humanism is thus seen to be a unique part of Chinese religion.
Humanism is an important part of Chinese religion and focuses on responsibility and individual moral autonomy. Humanism supposes that, if the society could each hand over accountability for making ideal moral decisions then the religion would be integral to human ideology. In this regard, the argument that Chinese traditional religion focuses on humanism is partly factual. Humanism insists every individual that is part of the religion ultimately take accountability for making moral judgments. Likewise, humanism offers a clear foundation that usually fancies evidence (empiricism, rationalism) and rationalism over conventional faith (fideism) or doctrine, making it from an important part of Chinese religion.
As exemplified in the paper, the argument that Chinese traditional religion focused upon humanism is factual. Humanism roots in Sinjiao, which is an integral part Chinese traditional religion. It focuses on responsibility, individual moral autonomy and accountability that are a significant part of Chinese traditional ...
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