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Native American Gods

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The coming of Europeans in the late 15th century distorted their way of living as the Europeans tried to interfere with their way of living through missionary work and land grabbing, which led to numerous conflicts with the Indian Americans, as they prefer being called (Ryan 125).

Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein: A Biography: It was in the year 1879 that the great scientist was born in Germany in Wurttemberg. However, his schooling was started in Munich as his family shifted their location of residence. His education was further continued in Italy and later in Zurich he received training in physics and mathematics from Swiss Federal Polytechnic School.

Bible Exegetical Paper on Luke 3:21-22

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Baptism in the Jews culture was considered the most important form of cleansing sin, and Jesus had to also go through this rite despite the fact that he was sinless. Baptism was a Jewish practice that meant having a right standing with God.


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Paul’s argument regards the law interpretation from both the Christ’s discipleship and ordinary person’s perspectives. He contended those in Christ die to the law, which is contrary to the unbelievers or earthly pagans. Therefore, believers are “under the grace” whereby their core objective is to obey and keep what the Christ commanded them to do; hence, they are slaves of obedience.

Affect of music

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Allan Bloom makes known some captivating views about the contemporary music culture which is popular in American society. It has often been observed the music as paved the way for controversies and debates among the public as well artists. In the work entitled ‘’Music”, Bloom criticizes young people and their music culture.

The Origins of Islamic Culture

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Culture is the way the norms of a society shape themselves with respect to the people living in it. These may include the conceptual beliefs, the norms the living styles and the preferences if the people concerned with the society. As a subsidiary the very basics like the values, language spoken, institutional setups and residential arrangements are all settlements done in line with the prevalent ways and are all summed up into the community with which they are associated.

Exegetical paper on Exodus

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The good of communities requires that rules and promises be made and enforced or that ethical and moral behavior are specified and adhered to. Over history, different cultures undertook this endeavor using different modes. In the Ancient Near East this mode was called a covenant.

Is Religion Bad for Women's Development and the Pursuit of Gender Equality?

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Is Religion Bad for Women's Development and the Pursuit of Gender Equality? Historically, religion was seen as counterproductive to development primarily because religious leaders tended to defend traditional moral standards, romanticize poverty and condemn materialism and wealth.

Catholic Social Teaching and the Interpretation of it by the Liberation Theologians

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Christ says the words of prophet Isaiah, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor.”(Luke 4: 18) So church had taken up the responsibility of bringing up the poor and the downtrodden from the social evils and inequality and wanted to make a single flock.

Mahatma Gandhi Worldview

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A person’s bodily well-being, in this case, is usually taken from the domination of other individual’s, not only in the worldwide colonialism, but also in the form of our daily activities for our better co-existence (Fischer, 1993). To some extent, Gandhi has discussed the nature of God, social issues and family among other daily occurrences, in this worldview.

Romero (1989) - Religion film analysis

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The intriguing drama of Romero delves into the life of a Salvadoran bishop in a period spanning three years. He became an archbishop in 1997 before his eventual assassination on 24th March 1980 in the Divine Providence Hospital Chapel located in San Salvador.

the legacy of ancient mythology

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In Chinese culture, the dragon has been used as a symbol of imperial power; in fact, the emperor wore a dragon robe, reigned from a dragon throne and was thought to be a dragon incarnation (Yang 28-29). After several centuries, the dragon was chosen by the then Chinese Emperor Qing, to represent the Chinese nation.

In light of the Schultz' essay, write a reflection on your view of the authorship of Isaiah.

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On the other hand, there is another school of thought which postulates that there are multiple authors to the Book of Isaiah. The latter group is bifurcated, with the latest group differing with the older counterpart, by seeing three individuals as being behind the authorship of the Book of Isaiah, instead of two.


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I am a Baptist Christian by belief. I would consider it to be one of the most diverse religious beliefs; the fact that there are many Baptists churches across the world that do not follow one central authority, or that there are varying beliefs that we hold while holding on to the collective Baptist religion clearly proves the diversity and the acceptance thereof.

The Role of Religion in Kwame Appiah’s analysis

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Kwame Anthony Appiah’s article in The New York Times of January 1, 2006 elicited a lot of debate then and still does to date. The article emphasized the need for the world to review and discuss as a single matter ethical considerations, the diversity in culture, and most importantly globalization.

Doctrine of election and its application to biblical studies.

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..3 Origin and Historical development of the doctrine of election………………………………..4 Nature of the doctrine of election……………………………………………………………...6 Biblical defense of doctrine of election and its application to biblical studies………………..9 Opposition to the doctrine of election…………………………………………………………12 Conclusion……………………………………………………………………………………..13 Works Cited……………………………………………………………………………………15 Thesis Statement The doctrine of election is a critical as

The Schiavo Case: Ethics and the End of Life : What have you Learned from this Dilemma?

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In recent years, one of the most pressing of such ethical concerns occurs in the area of medicine and health care. From concerns over the shifting nature of stem cell research to broader bioethical considerations, medical advancements pose ethical challenges that humanity has never experienced.

Black Theology and Sexual Theology

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Slavery trade existed between the Whites and Blacks with blacks facing discrimination in all activities that existed in the country. The whites settled in the most fertile lands leaving blacks to infertile ones which could not support agricultural activities.

Christianity as Mediated by America's Entertainment Culture & Justin Bieber

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What with a very large mass following and significant influence and drag on society, the actions and projections of celebrities have effects on the behaviour and development of many aspects in society. Popular culture, in the advent of consumerism and the power of media, forces people to subscribe to whatever gossips and vanities celebrities indulge into.

Book of Genesis: Theological Themes

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For this reason, it is necessary to examine how such problems are treated in the Book of Genesis, as well as to connect them to the modern-day issues that confront the believers. God as creator The Book of Genesis makes it clear from the very outset that the ongoing existence and the origins of our reality are directly dependent on the works that God Himself undertook in the beginning of Creation.

Compare curanderismo, espiritualismo, with Afro-Caribbean Santeria, Pentecostalism.

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Curanderismo is a spiritual healing practice that incorporates the body, mind, and spirit. Evidently, Curanderismo can be traced back to the traditional cultures of Central America and Mexico. The spiritual healing of Curanderismo also includes other practices such as cleansings, white magic, divination, energy work, spirit contacts as well as prayer episodes.


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In the final analysis Crossan challenged and refuted many biblical accounts on Jesus Christ in the Gospel. For instance, he laid bare the many inconsistencies in the biblical account on the Birth of Jesus Christ, and he went on to show that the accounts are spurious and not based on historical facts (Crossan, 1-25).

Basic theology

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The simple terms ensure that the general public can easily understand the matter and what it teaches. Theology is basically the study of religion. It is something which can be done by everybody. They do not need a specific degree or thought process to be a theologian.

Creation vs. Evolution

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The study will primarily focus on the notion of creation vs. evolution as per the opinions of Christian and Non-Christian believers. In relation to human psychology, the term ‘creation’ can be understood as the origin of a human being or any living being. It can also be referred as the birth of a human being that is made possible because of God.

The Genius of Luther's Theology: A Wittenberg Way of Thinking for the Contemporary Church

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Arand. This book is about the German reformer - also a theology professor - called Martin Luther who had a major hand in the Protestant Reformation. He believed in many things but one of his major achievements was translating the Bible into a language the general public easily understood.
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