Is there a normative and critical dimension to realism Answer this in reference these authors: Carr, Morgenthau, Niebuhr or Her - Essay Example

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Is there a normative and critical dimension to realism Answer this in reference these authors: Carr, Morgenthau, Niebuhr or Her

The normative and critical dimensions to realism are non – existent, specifically because of the scientific thought process used with realism, as opposed to the moral perspective considered with normative and critical dimensions. These dimensions specifically point out that realism can’t be used as a theory alone and instead is contradicted by the other perspectives. In turn, the philosophies of realism become related only to one perspective or experience that builds the ideology. The main concept of realism is based on the ideal that political realms can associate with anarchy among nations while creating a basis among moral standards and policies within society based on reason and logical thought. When opposing realism, one would state that religious beliefs, morality and other actions which one takes go against realism because of the lack of liberalism and free will. The opposition to this is based on the concept that realism is idealistic in nature and doesn’t look at the natures of how men would act without a governmental structure based only on morals. The realism is defied specifically because individuals, social groups and politicians would naturally move toward alterations in the balances of power and would oppose the enforcements of moral codes placed on society as a whole. ...Show more


Introduction The realism which is defined by philosophers is one which varies according to perspective and the associations which one has in society and politics. When analyzing different concepts of realism, it can be seen that the different angles to this philosophy alter the understanding of the effectiveness of realism…
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Is there a normative and critical dimension to realism Answer this in reference these authors: Carr, Morgenthau, Niebuhr or Her essay example
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