'Sound business models are a necessary component in a healthy visual arts ecology and essential for most publicly funded organ

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Sound Business Models Are a Necessary Component in a Healthy Visual Arts Ecology and Essential for Most Publicly Funded Organizations Name: Institution: Tutor: Course: Date: Executive Summary The nature of business is a constantly changing matter and so is the nature of the models that businesses use to drive their growth prospects.


The focus would be on what can be changed as well as the aspects that have so far worked well in the same (Beder, 2006). In general perspectives, most of the business models that are being used in sector of visual arts are perceived as generally weak, and mostly subject to vulnerability conditions that have since hindered or even reduced to a great proportion the funding to the sector. This is a belief that is widely supported by research by various scholars who have once studied the same. For instance, most organizations in the visual arts sector are considered to have been under-capitalized, with their reserves being barely minimal to even support growth ideas and projects in the organizations. The effect of this is that the organizations can barely protect themselves from financial crisis moments in which case even the necessary reforms in the sector are thwarted. However, in real sense, such organizations if they can exploit their potentials have the capabilities to increase their activities hence, be able to convert some of the losses they have incurred into additional income. ...
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