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Undertake a of the current to identify the key determinants of capital structure since the global financial crisis - Literature review Example

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Literature review
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From the above analysis it can be comprehended that MNCs operating in different countries under diverse economic, political and cultural conditions must develop a more flexible capital structure in order to ensure that they are able to perform their business operations successfully…

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Undertake a of the current to identify the key determinants of capital structure since the global financial crisis

Undertake a review of the current literature to identify the key determinants of capital structure since the global financial crisis

It is duly considered to be an important aspect and every organisation is required to consider it in order to make sure that the operations are conducted in an efficient manner. Moreover, Miller (2003) signified that capital structure impose direct impact in the mission and also in the operations of an organisation. A proper assessment and maintenance of capital will eventually facilitate in managing the financial operations of an organisation effectively (Miller, 2003). With this concern, this paper intends to discuss about identifying the major determinants of the capital structure impacting business organisations since the worldwide financial crisis. Literature Review Capital Structure is an Important Facilitator for Financial Decisions According to Baker & Wurgler (2002), capital structure plays a decisive role in making effective financial decisions. The authors affirmed that management of business organisations utilise capital structure in making better exploitation of accessible financial recourses. It also assists in having a proper assessment and estimating their shares in the business markets. Additionally, the management with the assistance of capital structure is capable to determine the quantity of leverage that it possesses in the marketplace and also in comparison with other organisations. ...
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