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Working capital - Essay Example


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Working capital

Companies that successfully manage its working capital do not face liquidity issues and in turn can focus on other aspects of the business (Investopedia, 2013) . Positive working capital is imperative for a company to ensure that it sustains its operations. Working capital of a company is the difference between its current assets and its current liabilities (Watson & Head, 2013). Current assets of a company may include cash, inventory, accounts receivables and prepaid expenses while current liabilities include short term borrowings and accounts payable. Thus, working capital is an indicator of assessing the company's liquidity and higher the working capital of the company, greater the liquidity of the company. A company requires raw materials to produce the goods it wants to sell. When these raw materials of finished goods are produced, these are either converted into finished goods (for a manufacturer) or sold to customers (for retailers). If the sale is made on credit, the company does not receive any cash and an account receivable is created. The sale is complete when this account receivable is converted into cash. Working capital is the requirement of the company to purchase the raw materials until the raw materials are converted into cash. The number of days required to convert raw materials into cash is called a company's cash cycle and higher the company's cash cycle, higher is the company's working capital requirement. The working capital for Tesco group for the year ending February

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Working capital management
Working Capital Management Introduction Working capital management is a complex process through which a company ensures that it maintains sufficient cash inflows in order to meet its short term debt obligations as well as operating expenses. In other words, the system of working capital management intends to establish a relationship between a firm’s current assets and current liabilities.
7 pages (1750 words) Essay
Working Capital Management
The study will look at the different advantages that are accrued by financial institutions in relation to their account receivables and their loan lending capacities. It will look at the financial growth and maturity of Citibank Indonesia, and the various strategies incorporated to deal with sovereign risk limits.
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Working Capital Management Analysis
"Working capital management involves management and control of the gross current assets as against the net working capital. The current assets mainly comprise of cash, account receivables, bills receivables and inventories."1 When integrated with cash flow, the management of working capital in very important in running a business.
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Working capital
The working capital(Aryeetey,1998) is also one of the many financial management tools used by the financial statement users to determine whether the business will continue to survive in the near or even far away future years. Liquidity is described as how "cash" an item in the financial statement is because liquidity is equated with available hard cold money.
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Working Capital Management Essay
Lawrence Sports has two suppliers, Gartner and Murray. Gartner supplies Lawrence Sports with 70% of its materials and is therefore very important to the success of the company. Lawrence Sports is Murray's major customer comprising of 75% of sales for Murray and therefore is willing to do anything to please Lawrence Sports to keep them as a customer.
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Working Capital Management
Second, the large holding of current assets, especially cash, strengths the liquidity position but also reduces overall profitability. Third, levels of fixed and current assets depend upon the expected sales, but it is only current assets which can be adjusted with sales fluctuations in the short run therefore company has greater flexibility in managing current assets.
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Working Capital Management Practices
rent working capital policies of the firm can be mostly considered as conservative in nature as Family Dollar employ most of its own internally generate funds to finance its working capital needs. Such practice may be healthy as the firms often attempt to save finance cost if
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Management of Working Capital
By minimizing the funds blocked in current assets the firm is able to bring down the financing costs and increase the fund availability. The management effort brings back the non-optimal
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Managing Working Capital
Working capital management is an important element in this respect because it is crucial in successful organizational operations. Such management covers the interaction of the assets and liabilities, which are classified in two departments:
3 pages (750 words) Essay
Working capital
Companies that successfully manage its working capital do not face liquidity issues and in turn can focus on other aspects of the business (Investopedia, 2013) . Positive working capital is imperative for a company to ensure that it
3 pages (750 words) Essay
2012 and February is 2013 is calculated below:   23 February 2013 ?m 25 February 2012 ?m Current assets     Inventories 3,744 3,598 Trade and other receivables 2,525 2,657 Loans and advances to customers 3,094 2,502 Derivative financial instruments 58 41 Current tax assets 10 7 Short-term investments 522 1,243 Cash and cash equivalents 2,512 2,305 12,465 12,353 Assets of the disposal group and non-current assets classified as held for sale 631 510 Total Current Assets 13,096 12,863 Current liabilities     Trade and other payables (11,094) (11,234) Financial liabilities:     Borrowings (766) (1,838) Derivative financial instruments and other liabilities (121) (128) Customer deposits and deposits by banks (6,015) (5,465) Current tax liabilities (519) (416) Provisions (188) (99) (18,703) (19,180) Liabilities of the disposal group classified as held for sale (282) (69) Working Capital (5,889) (6,386) As shown above, the working capital of Tesco group is negative which indicates that the company is facing liquidity issues. A very high trade payables is the major reason for the negative working capital. The current ratio is also an indicator of company's liquidity and is calculated by dividing current assets with current liabilities. The current ratio of the company increased from 0.67 times in FY12 to 0.69 times in FY13. However, still the current ratio is under 1 which is not a good sign for the company. This shows that the company is facing liquidity issues and this will not bode well for the company's profitability in the years ahead. Tesco will have to borrow from banks to fund its short term needs and improve its liquidity position. Tesco can improve its working capital by ensuring quick payments to its creditors. Currently, the company's creditors are on a very high side which indicates that Tesco delays the payments to its supplier. The business model is also such that the inventory is purchased on credit and the sales are made on cash. However, this cash is not reflected on the company's balance sheets which shows that the company has invested that excess cash elsewhere in noncurrent assets. But Tesco, the retail giant and largest super market chain in the UK, has negative working


The short term assets and liabilities of a company i.e. Current Assets and current liabilities are an important determinant of a company's operational performance. Hence a company should pay a lot of attention to managing its current assets and current liabilities in order to remain in the business in a profitable manner. …
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Working capital essay example
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