How will the London 2012 Olympics games financially benefit UK?

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The impact of mega sportive event: the cost and benefit of the London Olympic 2012 Table of Contents Chapter 1: Introduction 3 1.1 Background of the Study 3 1.2 Significance and Purpose of the Study 5 1.3 Aim and Objectives of the Study 6 1.4 Research Questions 6 1.5 Research Structure of the Study 6 Chapter 2: Literature Review 9 2.1 Introduction 9 2.2 Identifying the financial and economic impacts of the Olympic Games 11 2.3 Evidences from past Olympic Games 14 2.4 The London 2012 Olympic Games and the outlook for the United Kingdom 20 Chapter 3: Methodology 24 3.1 Research Methodology 24 3.2 Research Approach 26 3.3 Research Strategy 26 3.4 Validity 28 3.5 Reliability 29 3.6 Limitation 29


Presently, the athletic event had attained an altitude that the ancient founders of the event could have ever thought of. In the 2012 Olympic Games set up in London, nearly all the nations in the world are said to have taken part. In this event, it has been stated that more than 10,000 sportsperson as well as 5000 coaches and group officials have come together (Ricketts, 2012). The Olympic Games continues for sixteen days and enraptures more than half a million viewers every day. Thus, this enormous extent of the event requires the host nation to prepare extensively for about ten years and also necessitates huge investment. It has been observed that in spite of the challenging requirement of time as well as financial resources, more than 10 cities had bid to host the last Olympic Game. ...
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