Financial Statement fraud and Revenue recognition fraud

Financial Statement fraud and Revenue recognition fraud Essay example
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Name Course Tutor Date Financial Statement Fraud and Revenue Recognition Fraud Introduction In the modern global market, the generally accepted accounting standards govern the code of preparing, presenting, and interpreting financial and accounting statements.


We can define financial fraud as an intentional act to deceive people through manipulated financial statements for personal gain (“Bank Negara Malaysia” 1). Financial fraud is crime under civil law and involves complex financial transactions conducted by white-collar business professionals with a criminal intention (“Bank Negara Malaysia” 1). Nevertheless, financial fraud derives numerous loses on the global economy and on the reference corporations where many companies collapse due to financial frauds. Additionally, financial fraud demeans investor confidence in financial reporting and lowers the efficiency of corporate governance. A financial statement fraud refers to an intentional misrepresentation of financial information that the corporation presents to the public. Notably, improper revenue recognition, failure to record incurred liabilities, and failure to disclose contingent liabilities are the most dominant financial statement frauds (Bradford 1). Cases of financial statement fraud are on the increase and the economic crisis catalyzes the problems. Nevertheless, most of the financial statement frauds relate to revenues recognition while accounting errors take the other proportion. As such, internal and external auditors should understand the dynamics of revenue recognition fraud and institute proper measures to curb financial fraud. ...
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