Report on Aspects of the Contemporary Banking Sector - Risk and Profitability Analysis

Report on Aspects of the Contemporary Banking Sector  - Risk and Profitability Analysis Essay example
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Risk and Profitability Analysis Name Title of Course Instructor Name Date a. Which bank offers the widest range of services to its customers? Based on an analysis of the four major British banks, HSBC offers a wide range of services to its customers. HSBC is one of the largest financial institutions in the world.


According to the Sunday Times, HSBC’s commitment to sustainability has been recognized thus listed in the Best Green Companies List (2010). RBS is a retail banking institution under the RGS Group; it provides banking services including loans, deposits accounts and insurance. It is the largest bank in UK and the fourth largest bank globally. RBS is listed as the second best for customer satisfaction among the major high street banks. Barclays bank is another major bank having the largest network of ATMs in the region. It is the first UK bank to give local business customers access to online banking services to check their supplier credit ratings as well as the first bank to announce mass crush of contactless- enabled debit cards in the UK banking sector. The retail banking sector of Barclays offers loans, deposits accounts, insurance as well as Forex trading services for its customers. Lloyds TSB, a major banking network in the UK is a merger between Lloyds Bank and TSB thus forming one of the largest domestic banking forces in UK. The bank has over 3000 branches globally and are authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Lloyds TSB retail banking services include credit cards, deposit accounts, credit cards, and loans. b. By using at least 4-5 years of financial data, identify, calculate and interpret key profitability and risk ratios. ...
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