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My name is Ji Jical and I was born in China. Ever since a young age my parents taught me the value of education. From primary school to high school my parents shipped me off to a boarding-school. There I was educated very well and I learned how to take care of myself and get along well with other people.


I may not be the brightest student, but I have always been especially proud of the dedication and fervor I possess for my study and work. My parents were an inspiration for me in my selection of area of study due to the fact that they are businesspeople. They are both engaged in business activities. I was exposed to the business world since a very young age. For me the study of business has been a very rewarding experience. My job experience includes doing auxiliary accounting work at my sister’s jewelry store. I was responsible for preparing the all four major accounting statements which include the income statement, balance sheet, statement of retained earnings, and statement of cash flow. At this job I was exposed to the entire accounting cycle. Two of the extracurricular activities that I have done during my tenured at University of Keele include Ping Pong Society and Start Britain Up which is business investment club. I have successfully organized many extra-curricular activities. For example, I organized a ping pong society that has been profitable in University of Keele. There are lots of international students in my society. I also got lots of friends from different countries that speak different languages such as English, Spanish and Japanese. ...
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