Financial Health of Institutions Of Higher Education

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Financial Health of Institutions of Higher Education Name: University: Section 1 Part A The main issue at the college was enrolment of students. Most small colleges, unlike the big institutions of tertiary education don’t enjoy the benefits of donations and grants from the public or private sector.


However, with the current increased competition for students, this proved to be more difficult and getting enrolments which were high enough was hard for the college. Part D Offering training and certificate courses to lead to degree courses is important in at least two ways. To begin with, it helps increase the enrolment from many students who may not qualify to go directly to the degree course. If students can, and actually should, be considered as customers in the case for colleges, addressing this part for he market is a good way for the college to differentiate itself especially from the bigger universities which offer stiff competition for the students. Offering certificate and diplomas to help these students to bridge for their degree courses gives many people the opportunity to qualify for degree courses and at the same time give the college a new market segment to increase its overall market share. This definitely increases the enrolment and increasing enrolment will increase the amount revenues through tuition fees. Part C There are many people who see this kind of path towards achieving higher education as a very important way to go on with their education. Many people fail to get the required grades to join college for various degree courses not necessarily because hey are not academically competent, but due to various issues. ...
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