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Review an article Section 1 - Academic Review of a journal article 1.1 Authors The article reviewed in this paper has been developed by Oxford Economics, an advisory firm, established in 1981. The firm focuses on ‘the production of ‘economic reports and forecasts in about 200 countries worldwide’ (Oxford Economics, Organizational website, 2013).


1.3 Aim/ Objectives The article has two objectives: a) to show ‘the economic links between UK and the rest of EU’ (Oxford Economics 2009, p.10). Identifying these ties could help to understand the criteria under which the economic integration in EU could be effectively supported (Oxford Economics 2009, p.6); b) ‘to quantify these ties’ (Oxford Economics 2009, p.10). 1.4 Theory Discussed in Literature The main body of the article has been divided into eight parts. In the first of these parts, the key aspects and the potential benefits of EU membership and economic integration are presented. The rest six sections refer to six economic links between UK and EU. It is only in the first section of the study’s main body, i.e. in the part presenting the elements and benefits of EU membership and economic integration where relevant theory is used. Still, in the above section no reference is made to literature, on which the theory presented is based. From this point of view, the actual value of the theory incorporated in this section could be considered as limited, in regard to its contribution in the study. ...
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