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Corporate Social Reporting Name of the Student Name of the Professor University Date Introduction In today’s world, most companies take active participation in the performance of corporate social responsibilities. The corporate social responsibility reporting has become highly significant with increasing public interest of participation in the CSR activities.


In a similar manner, disclosing the information associated with the corporate social responsibility activities is an important part of the daily functioning of organizations. Importance of CSR Reports The importance of CSR reporting has emerged because of the lack of dependence on the information provided by organizations, as opposed to their actual contribution towards the society. From the academic point of view, there is an accepted theory that discusses the factors responsible for motivating companies in disclosing their CSR information. Most of the information disclosed in the CSR reports was previously considered as the activities or decisions belonging to the private domain of corporations. The theoretical evidences suggest that companies disclose information associated with CSR activities to the public, in order to satisfy their prime needs and reflect an extremely responsible image towards the society. The legitimacy helps organizations in achieving the main purpose of attainment of sustainable profitability as an important goal of the business. The corporate sector gives huge economic profit to the environment and society. ...
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