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Managing Financial Resources Introduction J. Sainsbury plc is the second largest supermarkets in United Kingdom. The current operations of Sainsbury includes convenience stores, standard supermarkets, online grocery stores, merchandise website, clothing. There are basically two main format of Sainsbury, one is Sainsbury’s convenience stores and other is Sainsbury’s supermarket.


It has its presence in 14 countries across Europe, Asia and North America. Tesco was originally a grocery retailer and has diversified geographically into many areas like books, clothing, retailing, furniture, electronics, petrol and software. It also has its presence in telecoms, financial services and internet services, music downloads and DVD rental. This report will take a look at the financial performances of the two companies; discuss possible users of such analysis and what they can do with this information. Discussion Profitability ratios Three profitability ratio for Sainsbury and Tesco are shown below Profitability Ratio for the year ended 2013 Sainsbury Tesco Gross profit margin 0.05 0.06 Net Profit margin 0.03 0.02 Return on Equity 0.11 0.08 Gross Profit margin is used to measure the financial health of a company. It reveals the amount of money which is left over after deducting the cost of goods sold from the revenues. It is the source of paying for additional expenses and future savings. It indicates the manufacturing efficiency of the production process for the company. A high gross profit margin signifies that a company can make profit while keeping the overhead cost in control. ...
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