Proposal that is aimed at wooing the financial support of a business funding agency

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New Lemona Drink Entrepreneurs Executive Summary This is an entrepreneurial project proposal that is aimed at wooing the financial support of a business funding agency and is able to capture a reasonable market size. It will entail all the required concepts in the project proposal; plus the business marketing fundamentals that are viable to make meaningful returns.


In that respect, New Lemona Drink Entrepreneurs main goal is to provide the best nutritious soft drink to our clients’ at the most affordable prices in the market. Background Information The central issue of focus in this proposal is to establish the best remedial measure against the menace of malnutrition. This problem has been gaining momentum of the past centuries and is headed to ruin the better part of the coming generation. The increased nutritional imbalances and inadequate consumption of fruits has been blamed on this health matter. Nevertheless there are other unidentified factors attached to it that has not been given critical analysis so as to come up with an all round measure. It has also been noted that some of the nutritious measures that had been developed to curb this condition have failed woefully in different ways. It is out of this need by the society that New Lemona Drink entrepreneurs has invested resources to come up with an a soft drink that would see the menace reduce by more than half by the year 2030. New Energy Drink Costing and Report for Investors The firm has decided to launch a new drink product named “New Lemona Drink”. In this regard the costing and other relevant information is presented below. ...
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