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Equity Premium Puzzle Name Institution Tutor Date According to Siegel and Thaler (1997, p. 192), equity premium puzzle is the inadequacy of agreeable justification by the economists as to why there is an enormous difference between gains by investments in the governments bonds and those of ordinary stocks.


Equity premium is meant to cushion stock investors against the risk of losing their investment portfolios (Siegel and Thaler, 1997, p. 195). However, variations in gain between government bonds and stocks are quite vast and yet government bonds also bear some risk especially the risk associated with inflation (Ben-Haim, 2006). People invest their money to benefit from the gain in the value of their assets. However, many people continue to invest in government bonds where there is such small gain than in stock. This has resulted to a dilemma to the economists who have been unable to understand why many people still prefer government bonds despite the huge returns in stocks as compared to bonds (Siegel and Thaler, 1997, p. 192). The investment decision is influenced b perceived risk, investors’ ability to bear risk, investment period, investor satisfaction and utility behaviour. As stated earlier equity premium is the difference in gains between stocks and risk-free assets such as governments’ bond or security bills. The government bonds are believed to bear no risk while ordinary stocks are rated as the most risky venture (Glyn, 2006, p.153). Due to this perception of risk, many people opt to invest their money in government securities where they have guarantee for small gains rather than investing in stocks with prospect for enormous gains but bearing vast risk. ...
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