Introduction to Management Accounting

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Discuss, using empirical evidence, the various motivational theories which a management accountant may consider when setting a budget. Which of these theories do you consider to be most relevant to the management accountant? 1. Introduction The use of theoretical frameworks for explaining the conditions in the business environment is a common practice especially when complex issues need to be evaluated.


The above task has been proved difficult mostly because the existing empirical evidence on this issue is limited – probably because of ‘the lack of publicly available data but also because of the lack of incentives of researchers for studying the specific subject’ (Zimmerman 2001, p.411). In any case, effort has been made so that empirical evidence referring to the particular issue to be incorporated in the paper along with the secondary material available. It has been proved that a management accountant may choose among various motivational theories when having to develop a budget – his choice cannot be restricted or standardized. However, there are certain criteria, for instance the personal characteristics of the management accountant or the characteristics of the working environment that may favour a particular motivational theory compared to another one. 2. ...
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