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Finance and Accounting Class Introduction to Finance & Accounts M004 (D01) Course Work 2 (CW2) April 2013 Student’s Name: Student ID: Individual End-of-module Report Go Ahead Group Plc Table of Contents Topics Page Executive Summary______________________________________________________ 3 Introduction____________________________________________________________ 4 Vision & Strategy________________________________________________________ 5 Balanced Scorecard_______________________________________________________ 7 Strategy Map____________________________________________________________ 12 Recommendations to the Board_____________________________________________ 16 Use of Balanced Scorecards____


This in turn has been made possible through the use of a tool called Balanced Scorecard. The report has been structured in a logical flow starting with the vision statement and the strategy the company needs to adopt in order to be en route of achievement of its vision in the long run. Later, the report provides a detailed balanced scorecard tailored according to the vision and the needs of company. It provides all four perspectives where organization needs to focus on in a proportionate and balanced manner. This is followed by a Strategy Map which is merely an extension of the scorecard, highlighting the strategies required to be implemented in order to meet each goal identified therein. Afterwards, the report contains recommendations made to the board of directors which are shaped to reflect all the prior observations, targets and strategies determined in the scorecard and strategy map. ...
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