society, diversity and planning- sociology report.

society, diversity and planning- sociology report. Coursework example
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Report Abstract Poverty is a social problem that touches many people and has been made worse by factors like the recession, which increase unemployment and underemployment, age groups like early young adults who cannot find careers, and by families that suffer from chronic poverty because their genes have caused them to repeat their parent's mistakes.


Under the category of low income, there are inequalities and children that are poor. In the recession, there is unemployment and worklessness which brings debt. For children and young adults, there is their economic situation, their education which does not provide enough income, their health, and their exclusion. Under the categories of communities and services, there are aspects of neighborhood and access to services. In an earlier report, the government adopted social exclusion ideology and Mr Blair took a pledge to end childhood poverty. Social exclusion has two features that poverty does not. First, income levels or material consumption does not measure it; second, we do not know who or what is doing the excluding. A National strategy for neighborhood renewal with 18 Policy Action Teams examining subjects ranging from jobs and skills to allow access to shops and financial services had developed. Measuring social exclusion was next and a look at the gap between low and average income was necessary in order to begin this aspect. An example of this is that those who are extremely poor do not have bank accounts. ...
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