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Sociological Imagination (Unemployment)

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This paper looks at sociological imagination, unemployment and its impact, and the association between personal occurrences and the social effect of unemployment. A number of studies indicate that unemployment affects an individual personally and the whole community.

Racism, Immigrants, Slavery and War

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After his adolescence, Ichiro feels guilty of not serving his country. Despite the fact that racism existed in the country, Ichiro learns the significance of embracing diversity and attempts to belong himself in the mainstream society. Racism and prejudice have been vital aspects that have been plagued the society of the United States of America.

Generation Gap. Difference between 18-34. Advantages and disadvantages

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Younger generations always bring fresh ideas which can help even the elder generation in improving the quality of their life. “Some of the advantages that are brought in diverse generation gaps are that people understand various levels of thinking and also learn the work culture at different levels”

The Concept of Freedom

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Who on earth would not want to achieve his desires without having to face any hurdle? Every single being on this planet would wish to lead a life that has been designed by him and him alone. In this paper, the concept of freedom will be described and will be also explained what idea of freedom people have in their minds and how the meaning of freedom has changed over the years.

Characteristics of A Well Rounded Person

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Individuals have for centuries searched for a common and precise meaning of a well rounded person without much success. Philosophers have put various theories in place to explain what a well rounded person posses.

Child Obesity

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This medical condition puts an unpleasant impact on the confidence and efficiency levels of children who are fat as compared to other children of their age group. If we talk about the main causes of childhood obesity, we can say that two causes dominate all other factors.

Self-awareness and continuous self-development

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Beneficial attributes of self-awareness emanate from various avenues. As such, persons need to understand and utilize opportunities provided by this strategy in developing organizations. This paper explores the necessity of observing self-awareness and development and provides guidelines for achieving them.

Obesity in America

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In addition to NHLA reports of adult obesity,child obesity is also a major problem within the United States for the past 30 years or so.My purpose for researching and writing about Obesity in America is to gain a better understanding of how we have increased our obesity rate throughout time and how we are going to fix this issue which seems to expand every year.

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander

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These people have been termed as the ‘invisible people’ and the problems that alienate them form the society has been termed as an ‘invisible birdcage’. The United States declared an open war against the Blacks living there, wrapped in the disguise of a war against drugs. Huge amount of arms and ammunitions were used and many were jailed.

Who am I? Social roles.

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According to Mcleod they are the part that is played by individuals as members of a social group (1). The behavior of an individual changes with each role the person adopts. This is because, the person has to fit others expectations if they have similar role as well as ones expectations.

food Security in Global setting

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The author, Walters attempts to show that health and safety, commerce and trade and biodiversity and the environment have been the main issues that have emerged from many international discussions which have been held to deliberate on the matter. Over the past decades, discussions on political economy of food and hunger have been the primary agendas in international workshops and seminars.

Drug Addiction & Teenagers

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Drug addiction is a major social issue facing teenagers, and it occurs when one experiences a compulsive drive to take a drug despite the serious adverse effects of the drug.

Drug addiction

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There are a lot of requirements readers usually look into for them to believe and accept details written in an article or book and they do not have the same requirements to look into for them to be satisfied with the information they read. However, there are certain general points that somehow make readers come together to find, read and agree that a paper is worth reading.


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Name: Instructor: University: Course: Date: Sociology In sociology and afterward criminology, the Chicago School (occasionally described as the Ecological School) was the initial major body of works rising throughout the 1920s and 1930s specializing specifically in urban sociology, and the study into the urban environment via combine theory and ethnographic fieldwork within Chicago, now functional elsewhere.

The internet and global activism

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Author has been able to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding social change process and how this change is giving voice to people who were relatively unheard or given less time by the traditional media. My main interest is to basically understand as

Varieties of Capitalism approach

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The focus on large firms is a worthy undertaking considering the fact that the world economy is still dominated by large firms, and they are the main source of innovative processes and products. The Varieties of Capitalism (VoC) approach implements a relational view of firms in analysing different capitalist economies.

Social science and race

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Nevertheless, it must be noted that under certain circumstances, the society might feature oppression with regard to a part of its population. Thus, there are numerous examples when one particular group of people was able to

Is Old Age Natural or is it Socially Constructed?

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Is Old Age Natural or is it Socially Constructed? Introduction As stated by Job (1981: p.13), old age points at people who are sixty five years and over. It is considered the final stage in the life of a person associated with a decrease in both physical and mental features, as well as a decline in the social commitments such participation in sports among others.

Socrates and Machiavelli

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When it comes to leadership, Machiavelli believed that a good leader is risk taker, confident, and aggressive. He is flexible, can easily adjust to any situation, always on guard when it comes to his subordinates and does constant planning and preparation (Fuentes, 2008).

Do you think a global culture is emerging? Do you regard that prospect of a global culture as positive or negative? Explain.

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The explosion in the world of communication and technology brought about the advent of internet revolution and social networking, which brought the whole world together on one screen. Besides, the advent of cable TV also contributed to this process of emergence of what is nowadays called the ‘global village’.

Asian American model minority

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The stereotype mostly relies on success of Asian Americans who despite being minorities have risen to success. The success of model minority groups is measured in factors of education, income and social aspects like family stability and crime (Lee 71). To the society, the myth of model minority bases from the perception of Asian cultural values like self-sufficiency, family cohesion, hard work, and drive for success as the propeller of the immigrants into and past the middle class in American within a short time.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Merton's Strain Theory in Understanding Crime.

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The strain theory by Merton maintains that the cultural structures set goals and the societal structures create the means of achieving the goals. This means that many people have parallel goals, but they do not all have the identical chances or skills.

A Comparison/Contrast Between Christianity and Islam

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Although the current tension between East and West would lend one to believe that there are very few areas of similarity and convergence between Islam and Christianity, the fact of the matter is that strong levels of correspondence exist in both the traditions that spawned these movements as well as the individual fundamental beliefs and/or theology that underlies their core beliefs and principles.


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However, research shows that, in Egypt, the young form the larger percentage of the population, on the other hand, in America the old form the larger part. Women in Egyptian families are still under patriarchal authorities while in the USA gender equality prevails even to the family level (Posner 17).

Cops, Courts, and Corrections: the Criminal Justice System of US

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Peoples’ behaviors (good and bad) are going to happen whether or not the public or anyone else tries to do anything to stop them. So, the best that these systems can try to do is regulate peoples behaviors and see if that may have an effect. Other than that, they are just vehicles for capitalism to continue on the path it has been taking for generations in America.

family structures

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This kind of family is recognized as nuclear family by Marxists, nuclear family refers to a family which includes of male and female parents and children who are dependant on them (CHEAL, 2008, p.2). Another type of family is single parent family where one parent raises children and controls the economic and social activities of the family, there are higher number of single families which are controlled by a mother and not by a father (CHEAL, 2008, p.2).

Queer Theory.

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Queer Theory. It is undoubtedly true that our society has become more accepting of homosexuals over the years. Part of this may be attributed to the fact that there has been an ever evolving studies that has focused upon gay and lesbian issues, which has been evolving since the 1970s, which is when gay and lesbian issues began to take their place in the fore of societal consciousness.

Family Changes

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The family also forms the basis of culture by associating with other family groups, creating socially interdependent networks where they earn a living, protect themselves and their children socialize. Although family and culture should functions hand in hand, presently, cultural dysfunctions are being witnessed in society.

Critically evaluate the use of qualitative methodologies within the social sciences. Include examples of social science research

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Those who conduct qualitative research often put an emphasis the socially constructed nature of authenticity, the close relationship between the researcher and what the object that is being studied, and the barriers which might prevent the way in which the inquiry on the subject matter is conducted.

The Effects of Social Media on Students and Their Studies.

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According to the report despite the societal benefits of having an extensive network of people in an individual’s life, as with all kinds of widely-circulated and utilized media, the expansion of the internet created both boons and banes, particularly among the student populations, and many data involving the use of social media and networking sites and its relation to student academic performances showed negative effects.


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On the other hand, relative poverty is defined as the economic inequality in the society or location in which people live. The report will portray secular view on poverty. Characteristics of Poverty There are several characteristics of poverty. Individuals who are considered under the below poverty line generally deprive of good treatment facility, education facility, housing facility and healthy food distribution facility.

"Sociology as an Individual Pastime" by Peter Berger

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This has forced the sociologists to win their attention the hard way. Although this seems unfair to the sociologists, they have taken advantage of other people’s ignorance and stir things so that their job or profession may seem relevant (Peter 12). The fact that people do not talk about the sociologists does not really mean that they have become obsolete in this modern generation, but it means they have adopted ambiguous or unique images that cannot be understood by the ordinary individuals.

Sale of Goods Act 1979 Essay

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The terms of the contract and the legal framework in place determines the obligations of both the parties in the buying and selling arrangement. Contractual terms are written or oral and signed between or agreed to by both the parties. Often these are express contractual terms representing the seller’s terms and conditions incorporated into contracts for sale of goods.


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These theories includes: functionalist’s theory, symbolic interaction theory, and conflict theory. All these theories agree that racism exist as a social problem but

Social inequality in Australia

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The Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 though resulted in social inequality in Australia for about 50 years after its implementation, it has also transformed the thinking of policy makers by realizing the necessity of incorporating the principle of social equality in public policy.

The correlation between crime and poverty

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Abstract Crime and its association with poverty is the hot topic for discussion and research among the sociologists, economists and social psychologists. The definition of crime varies from country to country and the so as the poverty. The index of poverty is decided on the geographical area, national income and the minimum living needs for any person for the sustenance.

Should capital punishment be abolished? State and defend your position.

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Peikrishvili (2004) asserts that Capital Punishment is a very sensitive subject, touching the deepest instincts of people including the notions of honor, fear, hatred, as well as revenge. Examples of offenses on which it is applied include rape and other sexual crimes, espionage, murder, repeated crimes, and treason.

D’Arcy Martin v.s. Michael Newman

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The Third Contract Theory & Practice in Trade Union Training by Michael Newman provides a slightly altered approach towards labour training & education. The author makes an attempt to investigate the variation in trade union education and other forms of adult tutoring and teaching.

sociological analysis of a single interactional episode which you have audio- or videotaped and transcribed.

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Being the most sensible and intelligent stratum of society, the intellectuals are expected to throw light on the nature, causes and consequences of an unusual event taken place in their physical, social and natural environment, and hence are in a position to analyse and interpret the same in a more eloquent and effective manner in order to warn the public of the problematic after affects of an pleasant incident, as well as both positive and negative aspects of apparently a pleasant one, which appear to be hidden from the eyes of the masses in general.


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The food trends and the way in which groups of individuals look at food is one which not only pertains to the main ideology of trends and the best tastes within society. The alterations which are made are also reflective of the health and well – being of individuals as well as how this relates to the different concepts of eating and fine dining.

Gender Inequality

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The individual’s ability always needs to be judged on his way of thinking and above all thinking rationally. In this era of globalization and advanced education the literacy rates of men and women appear to b leveled.

Health care ethics and cultural diversity.

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The complex situation over here gives rise to the ethical paradox and analysis of the factors which give rise to the ethical dilemma has been considered. The ethical dilemma has been considered for the stakeholders in this case and their views have also been studied.

Research skills/housing

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Signed: Dated: _______________ Contents Introduction 3 Research Questions 8 Rationale 8 Research aims and objectives 8 Research limitations 9 Literature Review 10 Research Methodology 13 Research focus 13 Research design 13 Plan of work 15 Research schedule 16 Implications 16 References 16 Bibliography 19 Introduction Social housing has a long history in Britain, which could be traced back to the philanthropic houses associations and societies in Victorian times, like the Metropolitan Association for Improving the Dwellings of the Industrious Classes, set in 1841, and the Society for the Improvement of the Condition of the Labouring Classes, founded in 1844, with their early scheme – a blo

Is social class still a useful concept for understanding the divisions in society?

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According to Haralambos and Holborn (2004), social stratification is the term which coins the presence of certain social groups which are distinguished from other social groups on the basis of wealth and prestige. These “certain” social groups are ranked on the basis of certain factors.


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It may also occur when people have less money or possessions than is considered acceptable socially. Poverty is an important issue in today’s society, and many people struggle to have enough money to live and to feed themselves and their family. People of many demographic backgrounds are affected by poverty, and there is a wide range of factors that lead people into this area.

The Concept of Old Age, Its Stereotypes and the Social Institutions.

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Stereotype is basically the pre – existing image that people have over a particular group of individuals. It may be positive attribution to a group even though most of the time, it is negative. In the process of stereotyping, people tend to overgeneralize.

Dimensions of Social Policy Research

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However, these comforts and luxuries come with dire consequences. Population explosion has engendered challenges like poverty, unemployment, and lawlessness etc. These factors are further responsible for social and health care concerns; one of which is child abuse.

Is discrimination against women that choose to stay home with their children increasing?

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The issue of whether to give equal chances, priorities and opportunities to all women whether working or staying at home taking care of children has been a subject of concern in the current governments.

Defining unemployment: a social problem and perspectives associated with media, government and civl society.

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This excludes such persons as a mother who left work to care for a child or someone who is seeking higher education; they are not working and not actively seeking employment. Another area that is not included in unemployment is voluntary unemployed

Fashion and Social Identity

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The type of clothing a person wears fully dependent on the preferences of the individuals. This therefore means that clothing is a perception of personal identity and predicting what people, wear is hard because the link between self and public persona is unstable (Davis, 1992).
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