Principal Perspective from Coaching Teacher"s lesson"s

Principal Perspective from Coaching Teacher"s  lesson"s Thesis example
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THE ROLE OF PRINCIPALS AND THEIR ASSOCIATION WITH INSTRUCTIONAL COACHING: WHAT ARE THEIR PERCEPTIONS? by Name Presented to Professor Course University Date 1. Executive summary This paper is an inquiry into the role of leadership within schools and how the role of principal has changed over time.


2.0 Introduction Leadership in education has been defined in a plethora of ways over the last decades and this accumulation of varied definitions serves to make the immense differences in opinions and discernment about school leadership more apparent. Historically, educational leadership was considered a means of support for teaching staff by heads of department, school principals, lead or master teachers, social workers, supervisors and education specialists (Sparks, 2002; Sledge & Morehead, 2006). During the twentieth century the role of school leaders has changed significantly, and as Suskavcevic & Blake (2001, p.2) point out, it has been ‘highly transformative’. They further claim that in the 1930s the primary role for principals was as ‘scientific manager’; in the 1940s it was as ‘democratic leader’; in the 1970s it was as ‘humanistic facilitator’; in the 1980s it became as ‘instructional leader’ (p.2) and currently it is as ‘transformational leader’ (p.4). ...
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