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How far could ancient tribal traditions and religious beliefs be held to blame for the problems between African nations? or What - Thesis Example

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How far could ancient tribal traditions and religious beliefs be held to blame for the problems between African nations? or What

’ I believe that the proposed assignment has much relevance in the present context where the international relationships between nations are at stake and the tuck of war is undergoing in many countries. As a student I am much interested in the international relations of the nations. Even though I don’t have much knowledge in it, I believe that if the international ties between the nations are strengthened up, much of the problems among the nations will come down. The international court has a predominant role to guide the nations through peace and security. In the field of international justice, day by day, many issues related to the encroaching, terrorism, territorial dispute, and unhealthy competitions between and among nations are rising to an intimidating level. As this topic is dealing with the present situations of the world and it has become a focus for interest, I wish to take up this assignment. I believe that this study has some relevance for studying. As far as I am concerned I wish to have a thorough study on the topic. The knowledge about the various elements of international law and the implementation of it in the present situation are to be studied. ...
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Brainstorming assignment: In the present world, there is much scope for the study of international law. Between the two assignments, African problems and ancient tribal traditions, and international law and reforms, I prefer to take up the second one, which is related with international law and the need for its reforms…
Author : margaretestroma

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