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Critically assess the core ideas underling the various traditional and contemporary theories of international relations. Which of these ideas do you find most persuasive? Justify your answer. 1. Introduction Through the decades, the justification of the social and political actions has been one of the most important missions of the sociological theory; in the context of the relationship among states in the international community, the sociological theory had to be appropriately transformed in order to respond to the needs of the particular field.


The contemporary international relations theory has been resulted because of the need to offer adequate explanations for the current social and political conditions worldwide – as these conditions are influenced by the cooperation modes developed among states with different social and political characteristics. The examination of the core ideas of the traditional and the contemporary theories of international relations led to the assumption that both these theories address specific needs; however, the traditional international relations theory can be characterized as rather outdated, having to be aligned with current social and political trends and practices. Still the core ideas of the traditional international relations theories are important in order to understand the development of the international relations theory in the context of the international community. ...
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