End of Life policies in USA and other countries

End of Life policies in USA and other countries Thesis example
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End of Life Policies in USA and Other Countries Name Professor Course Date Abstract Background Although the support of family and friends is incomparable, in (End of Life)EOL, policies, an indispensible public obligation is more than often lacking in majority of countries.


Advance directives/Personal wills, life support, communication, and decision making are core to any EOL policies and care. Methods The literature review was carried out by Meta Analysis, using available publications, reviews, the WHO policies and guidelines for end-of-life care. The publications were mostly concerning the US, and developed countries where there are more defined and evidence based studies carried out in this area. Conclusions Any model of the best EOL care practice or policies is generally lacking .It might be argued that the lack of a fixed and coherent model is due to the relevance of issues in EOL, such as specific cultural settings, patient-centered needs, and family ethics and ethos. The clinical ethical dilemmas (e.g. withholding or withdrawing life-sustaining treatment) has become quite difficult. However, it is desirable to have EOL policies adapt the model or policies to the specific needs and values of each patient, more than applying a fixed, although maybe comprehensive, model. ...
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