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Strategic Management Contents Contents 2 Introduction 3 Aim 3 Objectives 3 Rationale for the Study 4 The Need for Advanced Business Technology in Business 4 Use of Advanced Data Processing Technologies in Royal Mail 5 Effects of incorporation of Data Processing Technology on the Business Performance of Royal Mail 6 Conclusion 7 References 8 Introduction The Royal Mail Group holds three companies under its banner viz.


Furthermore Royal Mail a government owned company also focuses to deliver its postal services at highly reasonable prices while catering a mass European market. The 370 year old company is endeavouring to progress while rendering enhanced focus on the needs of both the internal and external people. Royal Mail through continuous innovation of its products and processes by incorporating newer technology and also through motivating its people through incentive and other schemes is trying to enhance its service parameters. (Royal Mail Group, 2011; Barker & Sheppard, 2007). Aim The main aim of the report is to find the impact of advanced data processing technologies upon business performance. The report endeavours to estimate the degree of enhancement and decline of business performance on account of the incorporation of advanced technologies regarding processing of customer and other business data. Objectives To understand the impacts of incorporation of advanced technology on the business performance. To understand the business strategy of the company in incorporating advanced technology in its business activities. ...
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