hands-on learning motivates students in the science classroom

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HANDS-ON LEARNING MOTIVATES STUDENTS IN THE SCIENCE CLASSROOM Abstract This study ventured to assess student learning of a hands-on activity in the science classroom among Grade 10 students cognizant of the Clough (2002) argument that hands-on activity per se is not enough to help students learn science, such that teachers are duty-bound to verify whether learning has transpired, and to evaluate whether hands-on learning, indeed motivates students in the science classroom.


Descriptive research was carried out using survey methodology. The questionnaire and the semi-structured interview guide served as the primary and secondary research instruments. Student-respondents from Grade 10 were involved by total enumeration, whereas the teachers and student-teachers were chosen through purposive sampling. Results were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistical measures. Findings revealed that the students were significantly more interested in the hands-on activity compared to a lecture given for the same concept. Three of the four student-teachers intend to teach science using hands-on and group activities instead of the traditional lecture. On the basis of the findings, it was suggested that students be exposed to authentic hands-on activities which promote learning, interest and motivation. Table of Contents Abstract i Table of Contents ii List of Tables iii List of Figures iv 1.0 Introduction 1 1.1. Research aims and objectives 3 1.2. Research aims and objectives 5 2.0 Methodology 5 2.1. Research Design 5 2.2. ...
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