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Boeing is a considered the world’s biggest aerospace company and top manufacturer of commercial jetliners, defense, space and security systems (Boeing in Brief, 2011). The company has 63,000 employees around the world and worth $32 billion (Boeing Defense, Space, & Security, 2011).


It is the chief leader in innovation and aerospace products and services. The demands of the customers made the company continue to expand its products and services such as development, design, support, sales and manufacture of commercial jetliners, satellites, military aircraft, missile defense, launch systems and services and human space flight (Intrinsic Value of Boeing Company, 2010). The company expanded to include in their services the creation of new and more proficient commercial airplanes. They included to integrate military platforms and defense systems and create advanced technology resolutions (Boeing in Brief, 2011).

The company operates in Chicago with more than 165,000 employees across the United States and other countries (Boeing in Brief, 2011). Most of their employees are college degree holders, with those advanced degrees in technical and business fields thus making the company one of the most diverse in terms of talent and capabilities word wide.

Boeing has been categorized into two business units namely, Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Boeing Defense, Space and Security (Boeing in Brief, 2011). Boeing Capital Corporation provides for the financial solutions of the two business units (Boeing in Brief, 2011). ...
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