Darwinism and His Theory of Evolution

Darwinism and His Theory of Evolution Coursework example
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Introduction On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection by Charles Darwin (1809-1882) was originally published in1859. In this study Darwin argued that life forms are not the result of creative activity of the rational Creator but of variation, inheritance and natural selection. With the appearance of the Theory of Evolution, the lacuna, which was previously filled with a belief in the Creator, could be filled with scientific explanations.


As any science, Darwin’s Theory has far more questions than answers. The same situation is with the modern theories. The current Synthetic Theory of Evolution, combining achievements of genetics and classical Darwinism, was established 80 years ago. It’s now evident for all evolutionary biologists that it is outdated and many facts do not find any explanation in it. Scientists talk about the need for a new synthesis, which would unite the achievement of present-day paleontology, embryology, animal psychology and other fields of biology, which were not considered fully by the modern evolutionary theory. But even if the third synthesis occurs (Darwin’s theory is the first synthesis, as the historians of biology state), it will not, obviously, solve all the problems. But it will certainly put some new questions - such is the specificity of science. Overview of the Issue. ...
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