Heroes in the Iliad - Thesis Example

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Heroes in the Iliad

Such a man is shown as suffering a change in fortune from happiness to misery because of a mistaken act, to which he is led by his hamartia (his ‘effort of judgment’) or, as it is often literally translated, his tragic flaw” (Abrams, 1999). There are two types of tragic heroes, those that are born into nobility with a tragic flaw inherent in their character who are therefore responsible for their own fate and doomed to make a serious error in judgment and those who have achieved great heights or esteem through hard work who eventually realize they have made a huge mistake causing them to face and accept their tragic death with honor. Examples of these tragic heroes can be found in Homer’s Iliad, in the characters of Hector and Achilles. Hector falls into this first category of tragic hero in every way. He is born into a noble family, being the son of King Priam of Troy and he continues to make the same tragic mistake in that he continues to take the credit for his victories instead of giving honor and credit to the gods or goddesses that have taken his side. This can be seen in his taking credit for the retreat of Diomedes after Zeus threw a thunderbolt in front of Diomedes’ chariot to drive him away. ...
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Instructor name Date Heroes of the Iliad Greek mythology gave birth to the idea of the tragic hero. Aristotle’s idea regarding this type of character generally shapes him as an individual who has the potential for supreme greatness, but is destined to fail because of a certain tragic flaw that exists in his character…
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