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Chapter 5: Conclusion and Recommendation 5-1 Summary of findings The dissertation set out to explore the manner in which corporate information and disclosures are disseminated through the internet are perceived by investors and analysts in Saudi Arabia. The objective also included an assessment of the manner in which Saudi public companies presented their financial information through their official websites, for the benefit of their investors.


In the study, findings reveal that the users of IFR in Saudi Arabia belong to the investors, businessmen and the professional class, who comprise the opinion leaders of the Saudi Arabian society. Reliance upon IFR and regular patronage of financial reports in company websites by this class of society constitutes the penultimate stage when the public would generally come to rely on IFR. It is even likely that this has already occurred at present. Analysts, students, academe, join the small investors in sourcing these reports, confident in their truthfulness and reliability because of compliance with standards specified in disclosure regulations (GPDS) enforced by the SOCPA, the international accounting profession as well as the government. ...
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