Introduction to Management Accounting

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Introduction to management accounting Contents Contents 2 Introduction 3 Theories of motivation 3 Conceptual framework of budgeting 6 Beyond budgeting and better budgeting 8 Critical analysis 9 Conclusion 10 Reference 10 Introduction Every company’s performance depends upon the performance of its employees.


In this project the various motivational theories have been discussed. The impact of motivation on budgets has also been discussed with the help of empirical evidences. The concept of been budgeting and beyond budgeting has also been discussed in the light of motivation and its implication on the budgeting. Theories of motivation The term motivation was derived from the word mover which is a Latin word and means to move. Motivation can also be referred to the word motive which can be described as an objective which makes a person move on a particular direction. Motivation can be defined as a process by which a person directs all his efforts persistently to attain his goal. As per Robbins motivation includes three things they are intensity, persistence and direction. Intensity signifies the level of effort given, direction channelizes that effort into organizational benefit and persistence signifies the time period through which one gives the effort continuously (Robbins, Judge and Sanghi, 2010, p.71). There are various theories of motivation among them the most important ones are mentioned below:- Maslow’s need hierarchy motivational theory: The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs motivational theory is the oldest motivational theory. ...
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