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Flinder Valves and Controls Inc. Name: Institution: Flinder Valves and Controls Inc. Executive Summary FVC Company is an outgrowth company established in 1980 for development projects and engineering on experimental heat-exchanger product. When the products of the company were introduced into the market, the company strategized to obtain properties, both leased and owned, of the engineering corporation.


Stiff competition of mid-200 temporarily interfered with FVC’s sales growth, due to better economic status of developed countries than other markets. The company’s success and structure have attracted most prominent companies who are seeking for financial resources, diversification, management capacity and plant efficiency. In May 2008, RSE’s President, Tom Eliot, entered into an agreement with Bill Flinder to acquire FVC Corporation. This paper discusses the strengths and weaknesses of both the companies, which led to the plans to acquire Flinder Valves Company. Strength of FVC FVC’s strengths are the internal factors that led to the success of the in its operations. The company has a good top-management team who organizes and runs the company’s daily operations. The management team is comprised of highly innovative team that develop innovate products that are desired by their potential customers (University of Virginia, 2008). Weakness of FVS The company lacked enough finances to expand and venture into international markets. This made it experience stiff competition from highly established companies in this industry. The company also lacked the knowledge for high volume manufacturing. ...
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