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Part 1 Accounting is one of the most vital disciplines in the academic, as well as professional domain. Money makes the world go round and the flow of money would not have been mechanized in such structured forms if accounting processes and standards had not been devised.


As a result of this inclination, I worked at a trade fair and realized the relevance of accounting practices and processes at an even greater level. The global financial recession magnified my interest in accounting as I began reading and researching about the probable causes of the financial downturn. The research activities revealed the essence of accounting in terms of accounts and amounts, alongside the level of responsibility that resides on the shoulders of the accountants. Upon realizing the role of accounting in the progress and development of any establishment, I had made the decision of pursuing my career in the field of accounting. I made this decision after starting my college in China which is the right time to choose a professional direction. After reading about different accounting practices and standards, I have been able to comprehend the relevance of ethics in accounting. Ethics bear relevance in the field of accounting, just as the other fields of medicine, computer technology etc. The compliance to ethical conduct is important in accounting since people who opt for availing the accounting services tend to trust the accounting professional for his commendable level of competence, as well as the adoption of ethical processes. Integrity and fairness are very important words in the field of accounting. ...
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