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Finance and accountting - Case Study Example


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Finance and accountting

As on 19 January 2012, the interest rate that is offered is 1.195%. Therefore, the overall interest rate that your firm has to pay is 3.195%. The total amount for the next three month is calculated as 25,000,000*(1.195%+2%)*89/360 = €197,468.75. It is highly recommended for your firm to make a fixed future contract because the economic conditions of some of the EU states are worsening and it is likely that one or two countries will default upon their payments and the EU will have to step in to save these economies. If this happens, the interest rate will jump very high as central borrowing will sharply increase to support these economies and your firm can end up paying higher interest on variable interest bearing loan.. The future contracts are consistent and the features of the contract are established. The variable price in future contract is negotiable and it is determined in open and regulated markets (Euronext 2012). If your company decides not to take fixed future contracts then your company has other two options as well. You can also do either swap contract or forward contract with any other company. The swap is an agreement of contract that is between the two companies. In this type contract, each company makes payment to the other company for an agreed period of time that is based on speculative amount of principal. The principal amount is estimated because in a single currency, there is no need to exchange in the actual amount. Nevertheless, this estimated amount is required to

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It also comprises insurance and renting companies all over the world. Transportation finance had an expectation of improved business conditions (Norton, Diamond and Pagach 245). This expectation was, however, prone to getting the effects of external and internal aspects on their profit margin.
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Due to data constraints, this report will not go beyond these two organizations. Industry ratio comparisons will not be presented. Also, as this paper is only concerned about the financial performance of the entities considered, qualitative issues will not be included.
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ICI is one of a small number of companies listed continuously on the leading UK stock index - originally the FT 30, currently FTSE 100 - since the 1930s (ICI Annual Report, 2006). Over the last few decades, ICI has been an acknowledged leader in diverse disciplines, including fundamental science, engineering, manufacturing and human resources.
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The company name was changed to Malaysia-Singapore Airlines in 1966 and in 1972; the MSA was split into Malaysian Airline System and Singapore Airlines, which were two separate organizations. Airport terminal services were also set up in during the same
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First, the debt to equity ratio is a financial ratio that is used to measure the quantities of a business’s borrowed resources, in relation to the resources owned by the business (McClure, 2011:n.p). Thus, a
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Though some complies with this transition, some still disagrees and curses this revolution citing that it does not comply with Islamic Sharia law tracing their faith and beliefs from Quran and Prophet Mohammed (DiVanna & Sreih, 2009). These sharia laws require all
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The Interest Rate Parity Principle (IRPT) uses the difference in interest rates between two countries. It assumes this difference is proportional to the difference between the spot and forward
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The Human resource management was developed to manage the human work force of an organization, by making certain policies for their recruitment,
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The modern financial markets, especially the banking sector, have experienced diverse dynamism in the recent past (Barth, Lin and Wihlborg 72). Therefore, it is necessary to conduct effective preliminary research before deciding on where and when to invest.
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Property insurance should remain as it is however the Lane’s should consider risk sharing for other utilities of high value such as home
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calculate the real cash amount that will be exchanged periodically. Another option for your company is forward contract. It is contract between the two parties to buy or sell an asset at a specified time and the price is fixed today. The party that is buying an asset in this contract assumes a long position and the party that is selling the asset assumes the short position (Investopedia 2011). Therefore, it is your choice to take any contract but it is recommended for your company by us to take a fixed future contract as in the coming months there is more chance of the interest rate to increase. Long straddle strategy: The long straddle strategy is neutral in trading and it involves the buying of a stock, striking price and date of expiration. The options in a long straddle strategy involve the unlimited profit and limited risk in which the trader thinks that the share or stock will have a major volatility in the upcoming time period. The investor can achieve a huge profit because he has position for long term in both the options of call and put (Kaeppel 2011). The formula for calculating the profit is:a Maximum Profit = Unlimited Profit Achieved When Price of Underlying > Strike Price of Long Call + Net Premium Profit = Price of Underlying - Strike Price of Long Call - Net Premium Paid (Optionsguide 2009) The risk involved in long straddle strategy is limited and the highest loss take place when the original price of stock is trading on the date of expiry and at the price of strike options that is brought. Both options expire at this price and traders lose the whole primary debt that was taken to enter in the trade. The formula for maximum loss is: Max Loss = Net Premium Paid + Commissions Paid Max Loss Occurs When Price of Underlying = Strike Price of Long Call/Put (Optionsguide 2009) Diagram: (Optionsguide 2009) Short straddle strategy


Finance and Accounting [Supervisor Name] To: Firm AABC From: Currency Analyst (XYZ firm) Subject: Future Interest Rate Your company has borrowed 25 million Euros for two years therefore we are giving the details of the interest rate and future price rates that will help you to pay back the amount that you have borrowed…
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Finance and accountting essay example
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